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A perfect Indore trip City Guide, famous Indore food, itineraries, cost & tips

For the sixth year in a row, Indore has been named “the cleanest city in India,” and it has secured a spot among the country’s first 20 smart cities. Indore is a terrific place to visit and offers fantastic food to sample because of its major city appearance and mixed-culture ambiance. Indore offers the ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary culture. The city offers a wide range of tourist attractions, such as grand palaces and mouthwatering dining alternatives. The Indore Gharana of Hindustani Classical Music was also born there. It is safe to stay in Indore. It normally does not have safety difficulties, even at late hours, like other large cities. Even at 11:00 at night, you might find the streets crowded with people. Some of the top tourist destinations in Indore are listed below:

Rajwada: Rajwada Palace, the pride of the Holkars, is a significant landmark in Indore and can be found close to Khajuri Bazar.

Kanch Mandir: One of the top tourist attractions in Indore is the magnificent Kanch Mandir, which is entirely composed of glass and mirrors.

 Bada Ganapati: West of the Kanch Mandir, in a lively neighborhood known as Bada Ganapati, is where you’ll find the temple that gives the region its name.

Gulawat Valley: The Gulawat Lotus Valley in Indore has stunning views from every angle, but you shouldn’t pass up the chance to see the exquisite 100-meter bridge that crosses the lake.

Street Foods of Indore

The city is well known for its delectable cuisine in addition to its rich tradition. For culinary lovers, Indore is nothing short of heaven. Throughout the country, people enjoy specialties like Poha Jalebi, Mawa Bati, and Bhutte ka kees. A trip to Indore would not be complete without indulging in delectable cuisine at the Sarafa market and Chappan Dukan. For all foodies, Chappan Dukan (56 Shops) is a spot where you can find namkeens (Indian snacks), a variety of street foods, and other food and non-food items. This street in Indore has delicious and reasonably priced food & treats! There are many booths in Indore that sell pohaa, a well-liked breakfast food. This market, which is bustling with activity, offers a large variety of snacks, chaat, candies, dinners, hotdogs (banjos), momos, and hot & cold drinks like coffees, teas, milkshakes, juices, etc.

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