Things to consider before booking a hotel for your wedding in Indore

Wedding entails an array of important decisions & choices – be it choosing the ideal life partner or zeroing in on the suitable wedding attire to selecting the right venue for facilitating this grand event. This blog prudently orchestrates a list of things that you must consider before you lock in on a hotel for your big fat Indian wedding in Indore.

Banquet Hall

A spacious, well ventilated banquet hall is a must to host a wedding seamlessly. It should be expansive enough to be able to accommodate 100-150 individuals easily. Having a guest list handy is a nice way to get an idea of the estimated number of people expected to show up for the event. It should also be centrally air-conditioned so that the space doesn’t become too stuffy, given the hot & humid weather of Indore. At the same time, it should be well illuminated so as to capture the perfect shots of the would-be couple & their near and dear ones.

A Cordial Setting

The hotel staff plays an imperative role in the immaculate execution of the program. This is why it is important for the team to be always on their toes while assisting the guests. At the same time, there is nothing more pleasant than being greeted with a warm smile. So, the hotel staff must be easily approachable and helpful the guests.


Usually, it is the hotel team, which is held responsible for designing the décor of the wedding hall. The furniture, decoration and lighting arrangement of the wedding hall can all be made keeping in mind the costumes of the bride & groom. At the same time, make sure that it has basic infrastructure facilities, including comfortable chairs and tables, a robust stage and a large mandap.

Entertainment Quotient

Weddings are much more than a match made in heaven; for they entail the cementing of the bond of two families. Bonding over music & games is a great way for the two families to grow closer. So, choose a venue that has a DJ, MC and folk artists to help you break the ice with the relatives of the other side.

Bon Appétit

Food is a major part of any social event. After all, “a family that eats together, stays together”, as goes the popular English proverb. Ensure that the venue has a bouquet of vegetarian & non-vegetarian options to offer to its guests. Also, proper hygiene standards must be maintained while preparing the snacks. Having a few interactive cooking counters such as those selling chaat/pasta/jalebis is also not a bad idea.


Having a hotel with a salon is highly desirable. Not only does it help the bride get ready in time, it also rescues her from any last minute hassles like travelling to the venue while being decked up in her heavy bridal costume & ornaments or getting stuck in traffic.

Adjoining Rooms

The hotel must have easily accessible and neat washrooms. An adjoining lounge around the banquet hall for the guests to wait before the wedding or after the grand celebration is also ideal. The hotel must also have plenty of rooms where guests can relax after the hectic late night event.